Yesterday I arrived in Cyprus with my family after a tiring two part night flight. It’s only a couple of weeks since I was in the South of France (feeling like a bit of a jet-setter at the moment!). But I really feel like I need this holiday to spend some time with my family and hopefully get a bit of sun!

The villa we are staying in is beautiful. Up near the mountains of Northern Cyprus, but looking out on to the bright blue sea and a short drive from the beach. There is a large pool at the front looking on to the panoramic view and a couple of sun beds and some floats for getting that all important glow! However…there is no wifi! A blogger/social media obsessives worst nightmare!


I’m torn. In a way I’m grateful, I know it will do me the world of good to have a break from my phone an laptop. To give my eyes a rest from staring at a screen and my thumb a rest from scrolling! Yet part of me is totally dying! I can’t text, call or message anyone with out it costing me the earth! I can’t make people jealous on Instagram and Snapchat with beautiful holiday pictures. I won’t even be able to watch MiC on Monday!

But I am still trying to blog. One thing that I really wanted to use this time for on holiday was to catch up with my blog and get back into posting more frequently. It’s something I have spoken a lot about recently. About how I’m not really happy with my blog and how I am struggling to find the time to put as much work into it as I would like. A lot of the bloggers that I look up to are people that blog for a living. So it’s hard to manage the expectations of what I can do alongside a full-time job and a three hour commute each day!

Either way, I’m still working on it. It’s not that I have writers block, there is actually so much stuff that I would like to share. I probably have nearly 20 lots of post photos ready but still not found the time to write them all.

So this holiday, while I can’t promise that I will be posting a whole lot due to my little issue that is lack of internet. I can say that I am ready to get back into writing, to spilling my thoughts and feelings and inspiration out onto a page.

So I hope that you are all well and I look forward to writing for you again!

Speak soon xx


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