Super Model Smile

Super Model Smile


I don’t usually shop in M&S, unless it is for food, in which case I can’t rave enough about their sandwiches and salads. In fact, if you are having a picnic M&S is the place to go! However¬†apart for their divine food offerings, I tend not to shop in M&S as it is less aimed toward my age.

However for my birthday, bless her, my grandma gave me some money to spend in store. And as soon as the voucher fell out of the card I knew what I wanted to spend it on. So I marched into M&S, guided by the sparkling rose gold in the corner of the store and heading straight for the Rosie for Autograph make up collection. There is no doubt that Rosie has done incredible things for M&S, since collaborating with them a few years ago. Her lingerie and nightwear collection is beautiful, in sexy but classy way, but it was her makeup range I was desperate to try.

I’ve heard so many things from other bloggers raving about her makeup. Not only is it incredibly aesthetically pleasing (rose gold is always a winner in my eyes!), but it has been described as incredible quality for value.


A fair amount of time and a hand covered in swatches later I decided upon this beautiful rose gold lip glossy. The shade I chose was shade 1, Super Model Smile. Could there be a more fitting name for this product?! The product is a lip gloss/lip balm hybrid, a texture that I love. It’s glossy, but not too shiny and really lovely to apply without being too sticky. And the shade is absolutely beautiful. It just so natural, but somehow really brightening. It’s the perfect pinky glossy finish to a natural daytime look. And one that I have kept in my daytime makeup bag ever since I bought it.

thumb_img_6400_1024Basically I absolutely love this product. It would definitely be in the top 5 lip colours I have ever tried! And if you have seen my lipstick/gloss collection you will know that is saying something!

I really want to try some more products from this collection. So let me know if you have any recommendations below, or which products that you would love to try!

Speak soon xx


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