Cyprus Snaps

Cyprus Snaps


It been a week now since I got back from Cyprus and the weather back home couldn’t be more different! It’s cold and dark, sometimes even a little frosty in the morning. And we are at that stage in the year when it’s dark when I wake up and dark again by the time I get home – I can actually go days without seeing any sunshine! So while I am snuggled up in a big jumper with a cup of tea and heading out to watch some fireworks in a couple of hours I thought I would share some of my favourite holiday snaps.


Dipping my toes into the freezing cold swimming pool at our villa! I ended up using this more as a pluge pool as it was too cold to do more than a length in!


Channeling some bohemian vibes. This top actually used to belong to my mum, but it has the beautiful lace up details and lovely floaty sleeves so I’ve sort of stolen it!


Sandy feet and salty hair.


There is something about a palm tree against a blue sky that is just so aesthetically pleasing.


On one of my favourite days we took a road trip along the coastline of Northern Cyprus. The views were amazing, rocky mountains on one side and turquoise seas the other. We spent the day stopping off at beaches and cafe and roman ruins.


Exploring the previously mentioned Roman Ruins.


I think it’s amazing how well these have lasted considering people are just able to walk through and all over then.


And a cute little donkey that was standing in the middle of the road and blocking our way on the road trip!

Really missing the sunshine after looking at all of these pictures again!

Speak soon xx


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