Garnier Honey Treasures

Garnier Honey Treasures


I thought that considering I repurchased these yesterday, it was about time that I wrote this post! I bought these back in Summer when my hair and skin were both in need of some serious rehydration, and I thought this collection my do the trick.

I love honey, and it is actually fairly healthy, particularly good for a sore throat. I have also read that is is good for your skin to, for moisture and fading scaring. I even once went as far as smearing honey all over my face as a face mask, after reading something on Pinterest probably! And I remember it actually left my skin feeling very moisturised. I also remember that is wasn’t worth the mess it created (honey drips off the face!). Either way, the idea of using some kind of honey in a beauty product intrigued me.

The body moisturiser is lovely. It doesn’t smell too over powering so it is perfect to put on after a morning shower and then spray some perfume on. But what I really love is how moisturising it is considering how quickly it sinks into the skin. I love moisturising, no one wants dry flaking skin, especially at this time of year. But the whole faff of moisturising and then waving your arms about while it sinks in before you can put your clothes on is just a pain! Particularly at this time of year when it is freezing! So in that sense I love this product, it’s brilliant. I pat myself down after a shower and then apply this really quickly while still in the shower so I don’t have to meet the cold air for as long as possible. And then by the time I am out and have decided what I’m wearing it has already sunk in!

The hair mask is just as great and low maintenance. It takes 3-5 minutes, although sometime I leave it on a bit longer if my hair needs some extra care. I apply this and almost massage it in to the ends of my hair after shampooing. And then while I wash my face and body and exfoliate I just leave it in. So by the time that I have finished the rest of my shower routine it is ready to rinse out. After using this my hair feels and looks a lot healthier and most nourished.

For the price point I think both of these products are pretty amazing. And the fact that they make two quite tedious, but fairly necessary tasks so quick and simple is a huge selling point! Would definietly recommend!

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