What I bought in Cyprus

What I bought in Cyprus


Finally getting around to sharing some of the beautiful things that I bought when I went on holiday in Cyprus. And thought that I would start with my favourite of all!

Cyprus, like a lot of typical holiday destinations has a lot of fake handbags. It’s a tricky topic, but not really something I believe in. There were shops and shops of fake Mulberry’s and Celine’s and just about every iconic designer handbag that you could ever imagine! I didn’t want something fake but I did want a beautiful leather handbag. And this was the one that I fell in love with.


It was the colour that I initially fell in love with, that beautiful emerald green on a mottled leather. But the shape of the bag is lovely, lots of room inside with so many different pockets and compartments. It is actually a copy of a Michael Kors handbag, although I will probably wear it with this side showing just as much! I just love this. It’s perfect for everyday, yet smart enough to be something a bit special.


Something that I have been so desperate to add to my wardrobe for Autumn is a printed silk scarf. Something really versatile that I can drape over my shoulders, use as a belt, tie around my neck, or even attach to my handbag like I’ve seen lots of people doing at the moment. Again this is a fake designer good, Versace apparently! But again I didn’t buy this as a designer rip off. I bought this because I loved the colours an the print and knew that this would be a great addition to my wardrobe. Also the branding isn’t obvious which I love.


I am completely obsessed with velvet at the moment, and it really is everywhere right now. And no matter what price point you are shopping at, be it £20, £200 or more, velvet is always luxurious. I wasn’t really expecting to find any clothing in Cyprus (not sure why), but they had some really nice shops. My sister and I found this amazing shop at the airport, which reminded me so much of Zara. And just like Zara I wanted everything! But this skirt is just a dream. Midi, pleated, velvet and silver, can you get more Christmassy?! It’s so beautiful and for the equivalent of about £40 a total bargain. Think about wearing this little number to the ASOS Christmas Party!


And to go with the silver skirt I got this little black lace cami, something I know will be a great addition to my wardrobe. I loved the lace insert on this top, a little detail that really adds something extra. I also love these two as an outfit together.


Another clothing favourite, this gorgeous leopard print blouse. This was from a little shop in the town that reminded me of New Look. For about £12 I can’t believe how lovely this is. It’s so flattering with the sleeves rolled up and a pair of black skinny jeans and heeled boots. Also something so easy to thrown on for work in the morning!


On the morning of our very last day in Cyprus I fell in love with another handbag. This is a beautiful leather shopper style bag, and apparently a Chloe copy. What really drew me to this bag was the fact the there is no big obvious branding on the front of the bag. In fact the only branding is a little logo on the side of the bag. I love the colours and the simple design of this bag and again it is nice and roomy. It is also really leather which is lovely. Also I have worn this a few times and because of the straps it is one that I mostly wear on the nook of my arm. But already the colour of my jeans has started to rub off on the back of the bag, which is really annoying.


And finally a little pair of earrings from a really lovely, but quite expensive shop in the town. I have seen quite a lot of these tassel earring and I love them, especially as they would be great for dressing up a simple outfit for Christmas drinks. These are a simple and fairly delicate pair and I think these would look lovely with the silver skirt and black cami as a more dressy outfit. Or just with a white blouse and black jeans for something a little more casual.

So I hope that you enjoyed this post and seeing everything that I bought from Cyprus. Hope you are all well.

Speak soon xx




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