Looking Back at 2016

…And yes, I’m still alive! Feels like ages since I’ve found the time to sit at my desk and write on my blog. But new year, new me and all that stuff so I’m back with Penney Chic 2.0!

Everyone has been talking about 2016 like it was the worst year ever and they can’t wait to see the back of it. We lost a few incredible people this year and there some unpopular political decisions (I won’t go into detail as everyone is entitled to their own opinion) as well as some horrendous terrorist attacks. And while like most of the world I’m pretty excited for 2017 and all it’s new beginnings, 2016 was actually a pretty good one for me.

Firstly I finished my second year of university and started my dream job at ASOS where I am just having the most amazing time! I did some travelling, to Marrakech, South of France an Cyprus and met some incredible new people. I also feel like this year I have really started to look after my body and have been regularly exercising 3-4 times a week and eating much more healthily. I’m definietly no health guru but I can say that I feel happier, healthier and more confident than I have in a long time.

So I thought I would do a little round up with pictures from some of my favourite moments of 2016!

  • Matching PINK hoodies with my little sister!
  • Getting dressed up with my uni girls for the end of year ball.
  • Exploring beautiful parks outside Manchester with friends.
  • A simple healthy breakfast in bed.

  • Yummy healthy lunches at uni.
  • Starting my new job at ASOS!
  • Magical moments in Marrakech
  • Our beautiful riad.

  • Celebrating my 20th birthday with family.
  • A spontaneous trip to Hastings with Jack.
  • Fancy dinners in London after work with dad.
  • Such a special present, Vogue August 1996 (my birth month).

  • Rather cliche but own my first ever MAC eyeshadow palette thanks to the girls at work.
  • London Fashion Weekend.
  • Finding my dream jacket, an ACNE Studios dupe!
  • Incredible landscapes in the South of France.

  • Beautiful little towns in the South of France.
  • Road tripping through Northern Cyprus.
  • By the pool before dinner in Cyprus.
  • The only photo I took on Christmas Day as I was so busy spending time with family!

Hope you have all had an amazing 2016 and best wishes for the New Year! xx


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