Some Holiday Pictures

On Friday we¬†finally packed away all of the Christmas decorations and put them back in the loft for the next 11 months or so. I have to say the house looks nowhere near as pretty or cosy! And when since the beginning of January the temperature has really dropped I need to be cosy more than ever! I’m also back at work and while I love work I do miss the holidays, lying in and watching films all afternoon! So while I continue to morn the end of Christmas and the beautiful decorations that come with it I thought that I would look back at a few of the pictures¬†from my holidays.

Christmas in London is always so magical. And I loved the beautiful mistletoe decorations inside Covent Gardens.

On Christmas Eve Eve (is that a thing?!). I wen to the ballet with my mum and sister, which has actually become a bit of a tradition. Matthew Bourne is an incredible choreographer and does modern takes on classic tales and stories. This one as you may have guessed from the photo was Red Shoes. We had such a lovely evening with a meal at Bills before and I can’t wait to see what he is doing next.

So sad to have packed away this little guy! Just before Christmas I took a trip up to Manchester to visit all of my uni friends. And of course we went to the famous Manchester Christmas Markets where I spotted this adorable snowman and I couldn’t leave him behind!

For most families Christmas Breakfast is just not a thing! However in our house it definitely is! We don’t usually have Christmas Lunch/Dinner until about 4ish so I need something to keep me going. We have lots of pastries and yummy thing, including a pork pie (a strange family tradition!). I also love the way we decorated the dining area this year with all white and silver, of course influenced by me.

And we go so all out with decorating the my mum even swaps around the paintings for Wintery Scenes! This one was done by my grandpa which is pretty cool!

Some more little Christmassy touches around the house.

On Boxing Day we went to The Hunt at Chiddingstone House. And before anyone ask they were not hunting real foxes, just following an artificial scent. But it was lovely to get a hot chocolate and see everyone all dressed up. I have also never seen so many post people dressed in tweed in my life, which made for brilliant people watching!

It was the perfect crisp, frosty morning which was followed by a lovely lunch in a pretty local cafe.

Hope that you all also have lovely holidays. I am currently working on a What I Got For Christmas post at the moment which should be going live sometime soon. So keep an eye out for that one! xx



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