What I Got For Christmas 2016

Well this post is fairly long overdue! But it is a rainy Sunday morning and I am finally sitting at my desk to share with you some of the lovely things that I got for Christmas. And wherever possible I will try and leave some links to products below.

The first present that I got was a beautiful watch from Cluse, a brand that I think makes very high-end looking watches for a really reasonable price. I loved this one as it is quite large so makes a statement, but at the same time the colours are very understates and feminine.

This one is the La Boheme Rose Gold White/Pink design.

If you know me or have been reading my blog for a while you may know how much I love a mug of green tea! So for Christmas I also got a huge beautiful tin of my favourite Green Tea, which is going to look so lovely on my desk at work. And then I also got a can of Arizona Green Tea, which I have always wanted to try. Although I’m actually a little nervous about trying this as I feel I have built it up so much in my head and it will probably never reach my expectations!

This is a beautiful Passport Case that I spotted in a TK Maxx a few weeks before Christmas…so I bought it and got my younger brother to give it to me for Christmas!! Does anyone else literally have to buy themselves a present if they want to get something from their siblings!? Anyway, it is a lovely simple leather one that I think looks really classy. I remember years ago I used to have a rather loud Paperchase one, although it’s not really to my taste anymore!

These earrings were such an amazing surprise from my mum. Just before Christmas we went to a Christmas Fair in Kent and there was a lovely stall selling semi precious stone jewellery. I thought there studs were so delicate but also a little different. And the gold and the turquoise together looks beautiful. I’ve worn these a few times since, particularly with an all black outfit with my teal handbag to pick up the colour.

I love receiving lovely Beauty bits for Christmas as they are a little luxury that you wouldn’t usually buy yourself. The Body Shop does some of my favourite scents particularly the Shea Butter Shower Cream which I now seem to get a bottle of in my stocking every year!

Some more lovely beauty products from Jacks parents. Hand cream seems to be something that I am always running out of! And so far I have just opened the light pink one and have been using it before bed, but it smells amazing. Quite florally and fresh.

How cute is this little silver sausage dog!? He is currently sitting on my shelves holding some of my favourite rings.

This one looks like a bit of an odd present which I found in my stocking. But it is actually a hanging room scent which has made my rooms so smell so lovely. And the marble and baby pink design make this a pretty little piece to hang somewhere.

I have wanted one of these for so long as my little sister has the black one which I was borrowing all the time. This one is a lovely bluey/grey which is just perfect for throwing stuff in a running out the door. And while it looks fairly small it can actually hold loads including a water bottle and all my other stuff! I’ve been using this one mostly for the gym at the weekend.

Wasn’t totally sure whether I should be posting a picture of my underwear, but we all have to wear pants so I figured it’s okay. I am a total sucker for pretty underwear! When I’m wearing nice underwear (particularly if they are matching!) I really feel like I can take on the world! Topshop do some of my favourite and I think they always have their 3 for £10 offer on so it has become a bit of a tradition that I will find some of these in my stocking!

I hadn’t heard anything about this book, but it looks like a really lovely read and I can’t wait to start it once I finish the book I am currently reading. It’s also going to help me with my New Years Resolution of reading more before bed!

And finally the present that I was most excited about…this incredible graphic print silk scarf. I had wanted a silk scarf for so long after seeing so many people tie them around their necks or the straps of their handbag. And then at London Fashion Weekend back in September with my mum I spotted this one. It was perfect, monochrome printed and 100% silk. Yet for some reason at the time I couldn’t justify such a spend purchase, so I left it.

The next day I imediatly regretted it (when you dream about a product you probably should have just bought it!), so using my girl powers/detective skills I found the name of the company and had a little look on their website, only to find that the beautiful scarf I had seen wasn’t their! I think in the end I even emailed but never got a reply. So when I found this under the tree I couldn’t believe it! It turns out while I was looking at another stall my mum had quickly bought it and hidden it in her bag! But it really was the most wonderful surprise.

I hope that you enjoyed this quick post about some of the things I got for Christmas. There are actually a couple more about some Christmas presents coming up soon that I felt deserved their own post! But the rate I’m going who knows if they will be next week of next month!

Speak soon xx


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