Accessorize Sale Picks

If I’m honest I haven’t really done very much sale shopping, particularly for someone who loves shopping as much as I do! December sort of bled me dry and I’ve got a few holidays planned for next year which I am trying to save for. But last weekend I just couldn’t walk past the huge sale signs in the window of Accessorize. So I popped in and emerged about 20 minutes laters with some lovely picks that I thought I would share.

The first, and my favourite is this beautiful double chain necklace from the Z by Accessorize collection. I absolutely love how delicate and expensive this looks, especially as with 70% off it really wasn’t.

I think this would look beautiful just with an undone white shirt for an effortless but expensive look.

The next thing that I got was a bit of a boring purchase but I always need these! I really like to style my hair half clipped up so these grips work perfectly for that as they can hold more hair than bobby pins. And for only £1 I couldn’t really go wrong!

I also couldn’t resist this delicate rose gold heart necklace as in the sale in came to £1.50. And this would perfectly complement the rose gold and pink Cluse watch that I bought for Christmas.

And finally…I bought chocker! I know what you are thinking, they’re probably old news now. But I never really felt like they suited me or my style, particularly the thicker velvet ones. But this one is so simple and delicate that you can barely tell its there. I really like to layer it up with a few other gold necklaces for a slightly bohemian look.

So there you have it, a few little picks from the Accessorize sale. There are probably going to be a few more little hauls coming up here and there as I have got some lovely things recently that I really want to share with you!

Speak soon xx


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