Workout Wear

Workout Wear

I think that January is probably a good time to talk about gym stuff, and more specifically what I wear to the gym. Although I have been going to the gym a few times a week for the past 6 months now, so I like to think that I’m not a New Years Resolution gym goer! Up until Summer last year I could probably count the number of times I had ever been to the gym on one hand! But after starting a desk job, waking up early and commuting to London everyday I really wanted to find a way to fit some sort of exercise into my new lifestyle. So my best friend dragged me along one weekend in June (it’s easier with a bit of motivation!) and that was the beginning of that.

If I’m honest at first I did find it a little mortifying. Was my pant line that visible? Had I remembered to shave my armpits?! Why were all the other girls sporting a full face of makeup? And I would constantly be comparing myself to other people that could run longer than me or lift heavier weights than me. I would usually turn up to the gym looking like I’d fallen out of bed and thrown on a pair of trainers, which at the weekend I probably had! And after work I would arrive looking equally as awful wearing what was left of the makeup I had put on at 6am that morning!

But the more that I went to the gym the less I cared about what other people thought of me. After spending a whole week in the office my gym time was my me-time. I’d put my headphones in, listen to some motivational music and push myself to work harder. And I started to love it. I would internally roll my eyes at the girls who would turn up with a full face of makeup (more than I’d wear on a night out!) and not touch any of the gym equipment. Who cares that I’m the one looking like an asthmatic tomato when I just pushed myself to run an extra Km.

Sweatshirt – Nike
Leggings – Nike
Sports Bra – Reebok
Top – Mango
Trainers – Nike

So while I’m really not bothered by what I look like at the gym. I’m not going to waste any of my makeup just to put it on and sweat it off, and clog up my pores in the process. But…as someone that loves clothes I have found a new love (slight obsession) for gym wear. It probably didn’t help that for the first few months of my gym going I was working at ASOS on their Sports Department seeing all of the new Nike, Adidas and Puma come in. Although it may of may not have meant that I got a few samples! But honestly, is there anything more motivating to get you to the gym than to show off your new pair of running leggings?! And in my case, these incredible Ombre ones from Nike.

Just wanted to end by saying this is not a Nike sponsored post! I just happen to really love their gym wear for both practicality, technicality and fashionability. To me, they JUST DO IT all! (sorry).

Speak soon xx


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