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I thought I would spend a cosy Sunday evening pulling together a little picture board of some of the things that I am currently wishing for. And surprise, surprise, I seem to have accumulated a colour scheme!

Zara Braided Crossbody Bag 
I saw this in a haul by Josie from Fashion Mumblr and just thought it was adorable. Wicker bags are going to be huge this summer and I love this more structured take on the trend.

Accessorize Petra Filigree Statement Earrings 
I am completely obsessed with the Z by Accessorize collection. Everything just looks beautiful, delicate and so much more expensive than it really is. I can picture wearing these earrings in Summer with floaty white blouses for a slightly bohemian vibe.

HappyPlug Mini Sound Piece Speaker and Marble Grill
I love listening to music in the shower but having it playing on my phone just isn’t really loud enough. I’m not super into my music sound quality so I don’t need to spend hundreds on something technical, just as fussed about it looking pretty. And this marble is just beautiful!

Topshop Floral Crochet Shorts 
I’m lucky enough to have a nice holiday booked at the end of May, so naturally I’ve already started having a bit of a browse for holiday outfits! These are just cute and easy to though on over a bikini. Also they would look amazing with more of a tan.

The White Company Ocean Tide Signature Candle 
The White Company candles (more specifically the Seychells scent) are my favourite. After a bit of research I have found I am more drawn to Oceanic scents, so this candle seems like the perfect one to try next.

Lily Collins Unfiltered
I love Lily Collins. She’s beautiful, stylish a brilliant actress and at the same time in every interview I have watch (a few!) she has come across as so down to earth. All the review say this is such a lovely, honest pieces about her life and discovering herself. I don’t often pick up biographies, but this is one that I really want to try.

Spectrum You Look Marbleous 12 Piece Brush Set
I don’t know how long I have wanted this for but it has been a long time. A lot of my brushes are looking so tired that no amount of cleaning them is going to save them! Plus yesterday morning my blending brush actually broke which was not ideal! It feels like a lot of money for makeup brushes, but when you calculated the cost per brush and the quality you are getting it really isn’t so bad! Pay day is coming up soon so you never know…

This Works Can’t Sleep Set
I’ve tried these before and thy really did help me during a bad sleep period. Sadly I have never been one of those people who fall asleep as soon as their head hits the pillow! But with a few stressful things going on at the moment I feel as though I am starting to fall back into a bad period of sleep, and this could help me stop it before it starts.

Hope you liked this little post about everything I am wishing for, and the justifications to go with them! This is actually how I shop, justifying things until I have persuaded myself I really need them. Obviously none of them above I actually NEED, but you never know what may accidentally fall into my shopping basket soon…

Speak soon xx


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