The Perfect Pair of Jeans

I HATE jean shopping, there I’ve said it. And considering how much I love pretty much every other type of shopping, that’s saying something! Clothes shopping, shoe shopping, book shopping, shopping for other people’s present and yes even food shopping, I’m there. But the idea of shopping for jeans makes me want to curl up in a ball and hide. To the point where I have recently found myself wearing a pair of Topshop jeans that are quite literally about to go see-through on my bum!

Don’t get me wrong, I love jeans…they are pretty much all I wear all year round! I’ve got some incredible striped jeans, spotty jeans, glittery leather jeans, jeans covered in little velvet stars and loads of funky pairs. But when it comes to your standard pair of denim skinny jeans I struggle. If they fit on my bum they’re too big on my waist and if I want them to fit on my waist I probably won’t be able to get them over my thighs. Not to mention the issues that come with having a high in-step and trying to pull skinny jeans over my feet!

So I think the reason that I hate jean shopping so much is that I have never had any real success. I’ve bought a lot of jeans in my life but none of them have ever made me feel amazing like I thought a good pair of jeans should. I’ve just been settling for jeans that fit well in one place and not quite so well in another! I like Zara jeans, but the last three I’ve had have all puckered and gathered around the seams after only a few months. And I’ve had a couple of pairs of Topshop jeans, which fit well because they are so stretchy, but also because they are fairly thin and eventually I end up feeling overly exposed when I wear them out as they are so see-through! Primark and H&M jeans are baggy around my crotch area, which is not an attractive look! And Uniglo jeans fit amazingly up top, but then are just baggy and gather around my lower leg and ankle. And so the whole idea behind The Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants is just impossible! I can’t find a pair of jeans that fit me, let alone me and three of my totally different shaped bestfriends!

My other issue has been no one ever told me that you need to size down in a pair of jeans. I know that you’re supposed to wash jeans inside out, and you’re not supposed to watch them very often but I’ve always just bought my size in jeans because…it’s my size. And then wondered a few month later my jeans felt a lot more roomy, and probably not because I was just dropping a jean size!

So last week I finally decided that enough was enough and I really needed to just find a pair of jeans. I took the slightly less painful route of internet shopping and added multiple different but very similar denim jeans into my ASOS basket, remembering to size down. And I am over the moon to say that I may just have found the one! The super skinny jeans that fit on my waist, my bum, my thighs and my legs. They are easy enough to get on and sizing down has meant that they pull me in at all the right places without just pushing everything up to hang over the waistband! They are the perfect length for boots and flats and are a beautiful wash of denim. And for the first time ever a pair of jeans actually make me feel incredible!

The jeans that I love are the River Island Amelie jeans. And if you think that you have a similar body shape to mind then definietly check them out. I think the issue with jeans is that they need to fit well in so many different places to work. Yet at the same time body shapes vary so much which is why it is so difficult to find your perfect pair. So my only advise would be to get out there and try them all on, hundreds of them if you must, until you find a brand that works for you. This will be a brand whose fit model is closest to your own body shape and height. And once you do you will finally understand the basis of The Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants. Because a great pair of jeans really can make you feel amazing, and could if you’re lucky help you find your own Greek Kostos!

Speak soon xx


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