A Few Of My Favourite Things

A quick Saturday post about a few of my favourite things. Netflix! What’s new there?! But at the moment I am really enjoying some of the Neflix Original series such as Riverdale and 13 Reasons Why. Riverdale has a weekly episode which I actually really like and I am about half way though 13 Reasons Why. I think I would recommend them both, although I know that they won’t be to everyones taste and particularly for 13 Reasons Why I know that there is a lot of controversy.

These silver Superga trainers are my favourite right now. I’m not quite ready to get my toes out, London is still pretty cold and my feet are in need of some serious TLC before anyone else sees them, but these shoes are perfect for Spring. I’ve recently packed all of my Winter boots away, so trainers are fast becoming my footwear of choice. They are so comfy and the silver just adds a little something extra to whatever jeans and jumper combination I’m wearing!

And how could I forget Easter and some of the amazing chocolate that comes with it! I’ve actually been pretty good and trying to make mine last, this little guy is currently still in one piece. Unfortunately¬†I feel like tonight may be the night he loses some ears!

Hope you have a lovely weekend! Speak soon xx


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