Bring on Bali

Thought that I would just touch base to let you know about the incredibly exciting holiday that I am going on…tomorrow! I know! I am literally so excited that I might burst. And the reason I haven’t mentioned anything until now is because it is actually a surprise for Jack (my boyfriend)’s dad 50th birthday. And up until now I have been so worried that me and my big mouth/forgetful brain would completely give the game away!

I can’t wait to explore the island, swim in the ocean, feel the sun on my skin and chill with a good book. And hopefully see some elephants, my favourite animal ever (minus our dog Kiara!). I’m really against riding them as I think it’s cruel, but I can’t wait to be able to watch them play, especially if there are some little baby elephants!! So I’m going to spend the rest of this bank holiday evening planning some places that I would love to visit while we are out there. And maybe downloading a new series on Netflix to get me through the 18 hour flight!

 So expect to see me looking like one of the bohemian, tanned goddesses above sometime in the not so distant future! Well…a girl can dream!

Speak soon xx


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