A Dream Come True

For anyone who knows anything about me they will know that my favourite animal (apart from my dog!) is elephants. I’m obsessed!

I have little elephant statues all over my bedroom, I have a whole folder of funny/cute elephant photos on my phone, I have an elephant ring which I wear everyday and I am constantly being tagged by my closest friends on elephant videos on Facebook. And the strangest thing is that I had never seen an elephant up close, not even at a zoo. It was simply a love from afar, and a dream that one day I would get to see one.

And as you can probably guess from the photos, dreams came true in Bali! I tried to source the most ethical place to visit the elephants and ended up choosing the Elephant Sanctuary in Ubud. We arrived nice and early in the morning so that we missed all the crowds, but also got to see the elephants being washed in the morning. They were everything that I hoped they would be; cute, majestic and playful. In particular the little guy in the photo below who was spraying water as if he was trying to wash himself!

Personally I don’t agree with elephant riding, but I did get to get up close to the elephants during feeding time. We fed them and incredible array of fruits and vegetables (they are definietly well looked after!) and got to stroke them.

But the most magical moment was when two of the elephants, one of them just a little baby gave me a cuddle with their trunks! It was just so incredible, you can probably tell from the pure joy on my face! Bali as a holiday has been incredible, yet I think that has been my favourite moment of the whole trip was getting a surprise cuddle from those two elephants. Which has got me thinking that I can’t bare to see such beautiful creatures be harmed or even think about them ever going extinct. I’d really love to get involved in some kind of charity or if there is something that you can buy where the proceeds go to helping save elephants. So if anyone knows anything or has any ideas please let me know in the comments below.

But for now I will leave you with one last adorable pictures, which was pretty hard to choose from the 100+ on my phone!

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