The Cutest Phone Case

I have been meaning to write this post for so long now! So while I am sitting here babysitting I thought I would stop watching a load of trash on TV and do something slightly more productive. Finally write this post.

Whenever I get a new phone I always treat myself to a pretty new case. Mostly because Apple are annoying and keep changing the shape of the iPhone, or the placement of the camera. But also because getting a new phone case seems to make a new phone feel even newer! My favourite place to find beautiful and unique iphone cases is Etsy.

This one is just my favourite and I get so many compliments on it as it is just so different. It’s marble (not so different!), but the art deco style and all of the details as well as it being all of my favourite colours just make this really special. It’s from a brand on Etsy called CRCases which I love as they are such great quality for such a reasonable price. I’ll link their page on Etsy here and put a link to my exact case here.

And while I am talking about phone cases I thought that I should quickly mention something that I honestly swear by, even if it isn’t quite so interesting. After dropping my phone last year trying to find my house keys in my handbag and having to pay over £100 to have my shattered screen mended I have always put a screen protector on my phone. Tempered glass screen protectors are honestly the best thing since Nutella! They are so cheap on Ebay, they stick on easily like your average screen cover, but they are just so much thicker. I have dropped my phone so many times since I shattered my screen (even on concrete) and I haven’t even scratched my actual screen since. What happens it that if it is a really bad drop the worst that can happen is I smash the glass screen protector. And then all I do it peel it off and put a new one on and my phone is as good as new again.

So if you are one of those people that either find themselves living with a shattered screen, or paying Apple all too often to mend the shattered screen, then get on Ebay and order some tempered glass screen protectors. They may just change your life!

Speak soon xx


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