Magali Pascal

If you have a style that is at all similar to mine then this is a store that you need to know about. Magali Pascal is a brand that I first found on Instagram, probably through one of the many bloggers that I follow, but I just fell in love with their clothes. They are feminine and beautiful with a real bohemian feel about them. And as far as I was concerned a dream that was out of reach, as being based on Australia (quite literally the other side of the world) I didn’t ever think I would get to see their clothes.

But as you may know from a recent post Bali was where dreams came true. And while this isn’t quite “being hugged by two elephants at once” standard, if you are as obsessed with clothes as I am, this is pretty damn close!

Jack and I were riding (him driving and me clinging on for dear life!) on a scooter to Semiyak when I saw the store and yelled at him to stop. He didn’t really understand when I started going on about how it was this brand I followed on Instagram, and that all the bloggers I followed wore it and I never thought I’d get to see a store…but he stopped anyway. As we walked up to the store it was everything I could have imagines, beautiful and classic with greenery growing up the front of the shop. But the most beautiful part of all was the four white letters in the shop window. SALE.

After trying on half of the shop, not being about to decided, and trying most of it on again, I finally settled for two pieces that I am in love with.

The first is this stunning silk cami. I feel in love with the print and the colours and tried on pretty much this whole collection, but this was the piece that I thought I would get the most wear out of. It’s feminine and floaty and kind of reminds me of a magical cloud! It’s a statement piece in that all you would need is a pair of jeans and some lovely shoes to wear with it. But at the same time it is subtle and just completely my style.

After probably over an hour I finally walked to the till with my silk top, when I spotted a rail that I hadn’t properly looked though. As is always the way! I saw this pair of shorts which I thought were lovely and with the help of my mathematical boyfriend worked out that they came to about £15! The quality is amazing and I love the fact that they are short, but still manage to cover the whole of my bum cheeks. And most of all I am obsessed with the cute fringing detail around the pockets.

So even if you aren’t going to be hanging around in Australia or Bali anytime soon I would definitely recommend following Magali Pascal on Instagram. Their page is beautiful and great for style inspiration. Check it out here.

Speak soon xx


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