Party Shoes A La Primark

Primark always takes me back to my early teenage years, when I would save up all my money so one Saturday I could go shopping with my friends and fill my basket with with everything I didn’t need. I’d get home and sit on my bed surrounded with all my new bargains; weird slogan t-shirts, £5 pyjamas, cheap makeup brushes and probably a pair of shoes. And then after about a week (or a wash!), everything would start to fall apart. A month later, once I’d saved up some more money, I’d take another trip to Primark and the cycle would repeat itself.

These days I tend to avoid shopping in Primark except for socks and tights, just because I would prefer to spend a little bit more money on something that is going to last me a little bit longer. But I do know that occasionally Primark bring out something amazing. It’s usually slightly more expensive than the typical Primark prices, and it’s often a bit of a hero piece. But it catches your eye as it still looks about 10 times more expensive than the price tag. And you know you won’t be leaving Primark without it. I have the most beautiful pair of jeans with little black velvet stars on, which I still bring out every Winter. And I have a lovely chambray tank top with embroidered cut out detail which looks amazing tucked into a pair of white shorts. And this time it was a pair of shoes…

I’m a sucker for anything embroidered or shimmery, and these heels are a little bit of both, so naturally they caught my eye. For some reason these remind me a little bit of D&G, although unlike the fur Gucci loafer dupes that Primark had these heels aren’t an exact copy of anything. They are such a beautiful statement piece and I love them. The strap and the block heel means that I can walk in them, which for shoes is fairly important. But the fabric and the brocade detail is just something else. The mustard colour of the flowers I haven’t got anywhere else in my wardrobe (yellow usually make me run a mile) but I kind of love it. I’m picturing wearing these with white sundresses in Summer and then black skinny jeans and pretty blouses when the weather gets colder. Either way, I can’t wait to start wearing these beauties!

I know Primark is hardly the most pleasant of shopping experiences, usually consisting of pushing past people and picking items up off the floor. But if you are willing to look hard enough there is sometimes a treasure to be found!

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