That Zara Dress

Or should I say playsuit? It looks like a dress, but it is so short that I feel the need to let people know that there are some shorts underneath to protect my dignity! You must know the dress I’m talking about…the Zara one that everyone owns. And if you don’t have a version of it yourself (be it sleeveless, striped, plain etc), then I guarantee that at least 5 people you know do!

Usually I find there is nothing worse that wearing something that everyone else owns. I’m definietly not a trend setter, but I do prefer to wear things that people can’t just look at and sigh “Zara, I have it too!”. Plus the more people that buy something the more saturated the market becomes, and suddenly that it thing is officially out.

My gosh, this dress has saturated the industry! I’ve seen it on about 8 friends scrolling through my Facebook, about 15 bloggers that I follow on Instagram, and it is still popping up on my Pinterest. Usually I’d roll my eyes and run a mile but when I saw the blue bell sleeved version on sale I thought I would give it a quick try on. And unfortunately I completely see what all the fuss is about!

The seam across the chest looks like it shouldn’t work, it’s something that you’d dress a 4 year old in. But it simultaneously manages to flatter those who have been blessed with boobs, and create the illusion of something for the rest of us. The fact that the dress is so incredibly short means it makes even the most petite look as though we have legs for days. Yet the shorts mean you don’t have to panic on tube escalators or dance without lifting your arms up and flashing your underwear. The low back is flattering, but you can totally still get away with wearing a regular bra. The fabric is cool and airy, but for something from Zara feels weighty and not at all sheer. The shape of the dress means you can go out and order a starter, main with chips on the side, a cocktail and still have more than enough room for dessert. It’s like leaving the house in pyjamas but looking put together. And you can rock the dress with Birkenstocks, trainers or heeled sandals. And as if all that wasn’t enough…it has pockets. Sold.

So now I completely understand why everyone has this dress. Because Zara totally nailed it! I’m not sure they need to bring out any new colours or versions. They’ve already saturated the market themselves! But it does go to show that where good design, style and functionality meet, something amazing can be created (and sales will be off the chart!).

Would love to hear in the comments if you have this dress (or similar) and how you like to style it.

Speak soon xx


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