Swimsuit of Dreams

I honestly can’t remember the last time that I wore a swimsuit previous to this one. I think it was probably about 7 years ago for a PE lesson, so it would have been one of those horrible black ones with the unflattering neckline that go see-through in the wrong places all to quickly! So naturally, with all those awful memories of one piece costumes, the swimsuit to get me to fall back in love with swimsuits needed to be a bit special. And with the florals, the frills and the beautiful back detail, I think I have found the one.

There is a hint of Dolce and Gabbana about the print and something slightly “grannyish” about the costume. Almost so bold, floral and frilly that it really shouldn’t work; but it totally does! My brother’s exact words were “that is the most hideous thing you have ever worn!”. My mum on the other hand loves it so much that she bought a dress in the same print! And I am just obsessed with this swimsuit!

For a girl that lives in neutrals and breton stripes yellow florals are not something I would usually consider. But swimsuits are huge this year and I really wanted to buy into the trend this Summer. I initially started searching online, filtering by the colour black thinking that this would be the most flattering. But they either reminded me way too much of my school days, or they were so revealing and seemed to have even less fabric than a bikini! And then the one time that I forgot to filter my search I came across this little H&M number and knew it was the one.

I’m very fussy when it comes to shopping for swimwear. I find that with such little fabric and so much skin on show there is a fine line between classy and well, not so classy. And when most of my holidays tend to consist of family, I like my swimwear to be family appropriate! And I completely forgot how practical swimsuits are. There are no issues when you are jumping the waves or going down a water slide! Plus, this costume looks amazing with a little pair of denim shorts, something I’d feel comfortable wearing in a cafe after the beach.

Personally I think this beautiful costume is better suited to my previous holiday in Bali! For now though, I am in Cornwall wearing a swimsuit that I will definietly not be swimming in, as I can’t even begin to describe how cold the sea is here! But at least it’s pretty!

Speak soon xx




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