All Saints Leather Jacket

As some of you may or may not know, this month I finally turned 21! This is all kinds of crazy as I still get asked for ID when buying paracetamol (you need to be 16)! I had such a lovely day with my family, dog walking and then a pub lunch. And then in the evening we met up with my boyfriend Jack for a lovely meal at the National Portrait Gallery Restaurant followed by Matilda at the West end which was just incredible!

This year I was totally spoiled by all of my friends and family who got me some incredibly generous gifts. But I thought I would kick things off with a quick post about the very special gift that I received from my parents. I know that watches tend to be the gift of choice for a big birthday like a 21st. But I got a beautiful watch for my 18th and I already had a few others, so while I knew I didn’t want a watch I did want something timeless.

After a trip my first ever trip Bicester Village with my best friend I stumbled into All Saints. I don’t usually shop at All Saints, it’s a little above my budget! But when we were in Bicester Village surrounded by Prada and Gucci, All Saints suddenly felt like a more affordable option. You don’t have to study fashion to know that All Saints are pretty well known for their leather jackets, so when I walked in I was immediately drawn to the wall of leather jackets…and this one in particular!

For a girl who spends 95% of the time wearing neutrals (probably 80% monochrome!), this was a pretty bold choice. But the burgundy shade just drew me in and made me fall in love. And I actually think it is my majority neutral wardrobe which means I am going to get so much wear our of this jacket. The leather is butter soft, the colour looks great with my dark hair and the fit is perfect, big enough that I could wear a jumper under it without being too boxy. As it was from Bicester Village it was around 50%, and then when I got to the till I found it was £50 cheaper than I originally thought! Isn’t that the best feeling?!

I’m so excited to wear this jacket  when the weather starts to get a little cooler. And even though this is the most expensive thing I have in my wardrobe, I believe that leather jackets get better with age and wear, so the price tag isn’t going to put me off wearing this. And as much for my benefit that anyone else, I have put together a little “Burgundy Leather Jacket Inspo Board”!

I can’t wait to share with you all of the other amazing presents that I got for my birthday in a post coming soon!

Speak soon xx


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