Two Days In Bath

During Summer, my mum and I took a girly trip to Bath, a city I had never visited before but one on the top of my bucket list (Edinburgh is slightly further away!). We drove down early one morning, stayed one night and then returned the following late afternoon. And while I would love to return to Bath, I think I saw enough of the city to get a feel for it. Unfortunately just because of the time that we went (middle of Summer) the city was so busy with tourists, which is something I wasn’t really expecting. Thankfully though, the tourists we heavily concentrated in the city centre and around the baths, and just outside the centre was just as beautiful and much quieter.

We had a quick tour of the Baths and learnt about the history which was interesting, but so incredibly busy. Next time I got I would love to visit the baths which you are allowed to go in!

Bath is just such a beautiful city in terms of the architecture and of course the Bath stone. Everywhere you look (particularly up) is so picturesque and I couldn’t stop taking photos!

Even the busy shopping district was made pretty with coloured umbrellas hanging above the street and telephone boxes filled with flowers.

Can you imagine living somewhere as beautiful as this?! I’m picturing houses with huge fireplaces, floor to ceiling bookcases and chandeliers!

I had the most amazing couple of days, mostly spent wondering, shopping and eating! Loft is a beautiful clothing and homewear shop with a lovely cafe. We went somewhere else for a smoothie which was so good, and looked like a great place for students to work. We found a street near the Loft with amazing minimal clothing stores. In the evening we had such a good vegetarian meal at The Green Rocket which was pretty healthy to make up for all the cake we had eaten earlier in the day. But if I could recommend one place that you should go in Bath (recommended to me by 3 people!) it would have to be The Fudge Shop. It is located just around the corner from the actual baths, and is pretty easy to find as there is usually a queue out the shop! I can assure you though it is worth the wait as they make THE most amazing fudge! It is honestly the best that I have ever tasted. My mum and I bought loads to take back home with us and then ended up eating a fair amount of it on the car journey home!

Hope you enjoyed this little post. I’m planning on doing a few more of these city break style posts. There are so many places just in the UK that I would love to visit, and I like to think I am pretty good at finding the best places to eat and shop!

Speak soon xx


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