The Uni Bedroom Tour

I have been living in my new home for about 6 weeks now, so I though it was about time I shared a few pictures. I say “home” but home will always be the the house I am currently sitting in as I type this, the place I grew up, with the marble kitchen and walls of grandpas paintings. My house in Manchester where I am living for my final year is not quite as homely. Like any typical student accommodation it is run-down, cold and a bit damp, complete with peeling walls and leaking showers! However, I have made my bedroom as much as possible an oasis of calm and creativity. And despite the dodgy lighting and awful blue carpets (with gum trodden in!), I think I have done okay!

This is one of my favourite parts of my room – the clothes rail! Right now it is filled with all of the clothes that I am loving for Autumn. So loads of coats and jackets, fur, bottle green and burgundy shades, dark florals and winter dresses. And I have covered the beam with inspiration that I have cut out of magazines.

Above my wardrobe I’ve got a few little decorative items – candles, plants, photos and my polaroid. I also keep my perfumes and jewellery here so after I am dresses I remember to put those on.

I keep all of my beauty products out of the way but still organised and accessible in these little baskets. The top one is for face products and the bottom is for hair and body. And obviously some more little plants on top!

This year I am lucky enough to have a sink in my bathroom! It’s great to be able to do my face routine and brush my teeth in the morning and evening in my own bedroom. Plus I can have luxury Ted Baker soap that my friend got me for my birthday which I probably wouldn’t put in a communal bathroom!

And finally the second most important part of a student room (after the bed!), where I spend the majority of my time! The desk came with the room, and while I am really lucky with home big and how much storage there is, I am not sure I love the glass. Personally I just have so much stuff that I need to put on my desk that it makes it look a bit messy.

My desk also works as my dressing table, so that after a long day of working I can swivel my chair slightly to the right and get ready for a night out! I’ve also got a pin board of some more inspiring magazine images and a lovely quote from Ralph Lauren.

Anyway, I think that is about it for my bedroom! It’s not quite home, but when the candles are lit and the fairy lights are up it is pretty cosy!

Speak soon xx


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