Hello 2018!

Despite everything that was going on in the world 2017 was actually a pretty good year for me. I spent the first part of the year interning at ASOS and then in September went back to uni for my final year. I have been on some amazing holidays skiing, Bali, Cornwall and Budapest and had some of the most incredible experiences (being hugged by elephants is definitely up there!). I got my fitness and eating to a place that I am really happy with, its not perfect, but it makes me feel good and I actually enjoy going to the gym now! I went to a dermatologist and now my skin is the best that it has ever been. And I even found the time to read multiple actual novels! All in all I am looking back at my 2017 and smiling at all I have accomplished.

2018 is set to be a pretty big year for me too. This year I will graduate, leaving full time education forever. I will start my first actual job at ASOS working as a Buyer’s Administrator. I am going to New York for the first time ever! And I will turn 22, which for some reason sounds so much older than 21. Basically, I am going to end 2018 as a proper adult with a job fending for myself in the actual real world! It’s a scary and exciting thought. Although as I sit here writing this, procrastinating from revision of my January exams I feel like I am ready.

For Christmas my parents bought me this beautiful 5 year diary. Each day you write a sentence and by the end of the 5 years you can look back at what you did on that day for the previous four years. It’s a beautiful idea that I am so excited to start, and as someone who has never kept a diary before I think that a line a day should be manageable. I have decided that I am going to keep this diary honest, which means that not every day is going to be perfect. If I have a rubbish day I am going to write it down, because that’s just life. And it might be interesting to see what I wasted my time worrying about 5 years ago!

So here’s to the next year and everything that it has to offer. Speak soon xx




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