A Step in the Right Direction

Before I start I will clarify that despite the title this post is not about the changes that I am going to make for this new year, although maybe that post is coming soon. Instead this post is about something equally as important, the basic black boot.

For a couple of months now I have needed some more black boots. To cut a long story short I had a pair which I lived in, that had been reheeled about 5 times, and on a partially great night out the heel said goodbye to the rest of the boot (possibly due to some questionable dancing). Once the heel said goodbye to the boots I decided it was about time I did too. They say that you don’t miss a good thing until it is gone, and boy is that true! For the last two months I have really struggled with what I should be putting on my feet. Trainers are great and comfy, but they leave my feet freezing and my poor ankles even colder. And high black boots make legs look twice as long (especially with black jeans), but they make having to get an escalator at a train station absolutely terrifying. Essentially, at this time of year, nothing beats a good black boot.

As it turns out though finding the perfect black boots is a very difficult task. There are so many options it makes it almost impossible. You have to choose your desired heel height, the toe shape, buckled or no buckle, fabric, finish and just about everything else in between. But when you have something fairly particular in mind it makes it even harder. I knew that I wanted leather boots and was willing to spend a bit more on something that would last. I also wanted a heel, but a low heel so that I would be comfortable spending a whole day walking around London in my boots. And finally I wanted a matte finish and not a pointy or square toe.

I don’t even want to think about the length of time that I spent scrolling through every high-street, mid-market and department store. But I finally found the perfect daytime black boots. They are from Kurt Geiger and they are everything I wanted. They are comfortable but look so chic and they are leather. They are a bit of an investment but lucky for me they didn’t go down in the sale! You can find them here if you are interested. So get ready to see a lot more of these incredible boots!

Speak soon xx


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