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This is probably the kind of post that should have gone live back at the beginning of January as part of a “New Year, New Me” type thing. But final year brings some pretty tough January exams and I am only just feeling as though I have got my life back! I made a few resolutions back in my post a few weeks ago which you can have a little read of here. But there a few smaller little changes I have started to make in my life that I think will lead me towards my 2018 goals. So I thought I would type them all up into a post about the healthy habits I am trying to get into this year.

As soon as I wake up I am trying to splash my face with cold water. Sounds horrendous but after I feel so much more awake! I am also trying to run the water cold at the end of my shower to help my skin and hair look healthier.

After splashing cold water on my face and before my shower I drink a warm lemon water to help flush the digestive system and rehydrate my body.

I do this just before I shower to exfoliate my skin and increase blood circulation. It takes about 5 minutes and feels a bit like a massage in the morning!

Gone are the days where I am throwing twenty different products at my face every morning and night in the hope that one of them might work! I know have a skincare routine that I am really happy with and takes about half the time. And my skin has never looked better!

If you haven’t heard of the meditating app Headspace then you are probably living under a rock! But did you know that if you are a student and already have Spotify then you can get it for free?! Really trying to get back into mediating. Think I am going to need it with all the stresses of final year!

I drink herbal teas anyway, but last year I really got into coffee. I can’t drink black coffee (yet!) so my coffees were always milky and full of sugar. Although the main reason I am trying to cut back my coffee intake, without going into too much detail is because coffee usually upsets my stomach! I haven’t had a coffee in 2018 yet and I don’t even miss it that much!

Possibly on everyones healthy habits list but it is so important. I am still learning how to understand when I am hungry and when I am actually just thirsty, but I’m getting there. And I also try and always take a water bottle out with me when I leave the house.

I am quite possible the worst sleeper you have ever met. It takes me hours to fall asleep and when I finally do it is rarely a deep sleep, so I wake frequently during the night. This is an area of my life that needs a lot of work. But turing my phone off and reading a book before bed seems to be helping.

I have been wearing suncream pretty much everyday since I was about 16 and read that it would stop me getting wrinkles in a Vogue magazine! These days it is just part of my face routine and works as an amazing makeup primer.

Unfortunately most of my days are now spent at my desk hunched over my laptop. It’s not healthy, but it’s just life! I can’t always commit to proper exercise, especially as my gym is currently being renovated. But making sure I get up from my desk every now and again to stretch a bit and trying to walk as much as possible makes me feel so much better.

My nails are dry and weak and need a lot of extra care to keep them looking decent. I keep a cuticle oil and a hand cream on my desk and try to use them both a few times a day.

For me, my creative outlet is this blog and also a scrapbook I am currently making. When I’ve had enough of work for the day it’s nice to have something I can do other than just watching TV for hours that also feels productive.

Coming back to uni after the Christmas holiday means I have been reunited with my Nutribullet and I couldn’t be happier. It makes upping my fruit and veg intake so much easier, plus I am now throwing in superfood powders and chai seeds to make it even healthier!

…I think that’s it! Now I am seeing these healthy habits written out it looks like a lot! But I promise that it isn’t and they quickly become just part of your daily routine. Let me know in the comments if you have any other hints and tips to add!

Speak soon xx


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