Miracle Moisturiser

I think the fact that I have gone out and bulk bought this moisturiser should give you an idea of how much I love it! I started using this during Summer as I had forgotten to take my moisturiser on holiday with me. This was a fairly new launch at the time and was on offer in Boots, so I grabbed it. As someone with combination and problem skin I was drawn to something that sounded light and hopefully wouldn’t break me out. And I have been using this moisturiser ever since!

The texture of this moisturiser is HEAVENLY. It’s light and so easy to apply, quickly sinks into the skin and then acts as the perfect base for make up. My skin just drinks this stuff up!

I have been using this in combination mostly with The Ordinary hyaluronic acid. I apply a few drops of serum before, wait for it so sink in and then apply my moisturiser over the top. This really helps the moisturiser to absorb into my skin, leaving it looking a lot healthier and glowier.

I know people often recommend that you should invest more in your skincare. But over the years I have tried a lot of expensive moisturisers and I haven’t loved one as much as I love Neutrogena Hydro Boost. Neutrogena is often classed as a cheaper skincare brand as it is affordable. However, all of their products are dermatologist tested and have some of the key ingredients also found in some of the more expensive brands. This moisturiser is about ¬£12 in Boots. But check out your local supermarket as I found this in Sainsburys on offer for ¬£6…hence why I bought so many!

I feel as though I have got a pretty good skincare rountine now. The only thing that I am missing is a vitamin C serum. So if anyone has any recommendations please let me know.

Speak soon xx


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