Why You Need a Shacket…Now!

Shackets are back on trend for yet another Spring, meaning that if you haven’t already got one, you need one. For those of you that are a little confused right now, a shacket is a shirt-jacket hybrid. Genius. Which makes it the perfect transitional piece. Having borrowed by sister’s camo style one the whole of last year I knew it was about time that I got one myself. I wanted a plain khaki one with some kind of detail to make it a bit different. Classic, but with a modern twist. So when I saw this one from Mint Velvet a few months ago I was obsessed. Show me pretty much anything with stars and I am sold!

However, as a student with absolutely zero income it was very out of my budget, so I pinned it to my Wishlist board on Pinterest and waited. I watched as it fell from £140 to £79 in the January sales, but decided it was still too much. And then I painfully watched as my size sold out just before the price fell again to £59. I think that actual tears were shed over a shacket that evening! But I prayed and I waited and sure enough the jacket came back in stock. A single size 8 was on Mint Velvet for £59 the other day! So I added it to my basket and paid with Paypal before I had a chance to think about how how deep I already was in my overdraft.

The shacket arrived and it is everything I could have hoped for and more. Plus I totally understand what all the hype around shackets is about, they are so versatile. Mine arrived 3 days ago and I have already worn it twice. The first time I wore it (shown in these pictures) was a slightly warmer Saturday. I wore it with a breton stripe top, black jeans and black boots and I love the combination of different prints and the outfit still looked really put together. Today was a lot colder, and wetter, so this time I wore an M&S thermal (lets keep it real), a thin grey knit slightly tucked in to a pair of dark denim skinny jeans and then the same black boots. Another very simple outfit, but that just looks so cool! Pinterest is also amazing for more inspiration of how to style your shacket. I saw someone pair theirs with a black leather which looked so good. Or a little slip dress for when it is a bit warmer. You could dress it up with heels and black leather pants. Or dress it down with a grey hoodie…very “street style”. Basically the list is endless!

Now is the best time to buy as the high street has so many options. Although just a warning that you do have to be a little savvy about what you are searching for. Not all retailers are down with the fashion lingo. If you search shacket on H&M it will autocorrect to Shark and boys t-shirt will show up! They are often list under “cargo jacket” or “utility jacket” so try searching for that too!

Speak soon xx


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