Walk This Way…To Primark

As I’ve got a little older I am naturally shopping at Primark less, trying to move away from cheap fast-fashion and investing more in pieces that will last longer. Yet there are two categories that Primark just do so well at, pyjamas and fashion shoes. Last year I wrote a post about another pair of Primark shoes that I feel in love with, which you can find here. Some shoes, like boots or classic heels I do think are worth investing in, but for trend pieces that are only really going to be in for a season it really isn’t worth investing. And this is where Primark come in.

The first pair of shoes are actually the reason I came to Primark in the first place. My best friend and I going out in London tomorrow night and I realised that I left all of my heels back at uni in Manchester. I picked these ones up as they are classic and elegant, but have a heel that isn’t too high and an ankle strap, which I am hoping means I am going to be able to dance in them!

The second pair of shoes that I picked up are a bit of a wild card! Mum loved them so much she copied me and got a matching pair! My boyfriend on the other hand can’t stand them. I just think that these are so cool for Summer. Perfect with jeans and a white t-shirt, but also with a little dress. They may only last the Summer, and by next year I may have a “what the hell was I thinking” moment. But for now, they are fun, cute and only £6!


I also need to apologise for it being a little quiet around here recently. I think it’s fair to say that final year at university really took it out of me! I had some big coursework deadlines last week and I still feel as though I am recovering (catching up on sleep). But I have one exam in a couple of weeks, and then I’m done, forever! It’s a crazy thought but I am definitely ready to be out of the education system! I’ve got some very exciting things planned for Summer and I can’t wait to finally get back into blogging. So watch this space! xx


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