One Degree Hotter!

It’s official, I am a graduate! So I hope you will forgive me for the break I have taken from blogging. Final year deadlines were stressful to say the least, and since finishing my last exam I have been here, there and everywhere. But on Monday I was back up in Manchester with my family for my graduation. I graduated with a first class degree in Fashion Buying and Merchandising and had the most lovely day celebrating! So I thought I would share with you some of the pictures from the day as well as my outfit details, of course!














The “I just graduated” powershot showing that I mean business! Probably gonna make this my new LinkedIn profile picture…













This picture is probably the 50th attempt of this shot! But perseverance is key and we got there in the end! These are the girls that got me through my final year and made it the amazing experience it was. I’m so proud of them.













With the family (minus my little sister who still had school). Please don’t comment on how similar my brother and I look, I get it all the time!




With my boyfriend, Jack who has been my absolute rock. We met at school and have managed to do long distance while at uni (he is up in Durham). He has always pushed me to do better and work harder and I really believe I wouldn’t be where I am today without him! So proud of him and everything he has achieved and I can’t wait to start the next chapter of our lives not being so far apart.

Outfit DetailsĀ 

Dress – Conimo Couture on ASOS
Shoes – Dune
Clutch – Dune

So there it all is. I’m walking into the next stage of my life and finally out of full-time education! Not that it has been a chore (although it was hard), I have loved my degree and adored Manchester, which will always hold a very special place in my heart. But I’m ready to join the real world, start a job and earn some money, which I desperately need. I’m currently at home, although not a lot as I have crammed in so many holiday this Summer it’s ridiculous. So here’s to the next chapter and continuing to take you with me!

Speak soon, xx



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