I Bought Another Jacket…

I will be the first person to hold my hands up and say that I have an issue, I cannot stop buying jackets. It is approximately 100 degrees outside and Winter fashion, specifically coats and jackets, is on my mind. Don’t get me wrong, I love bohemian Summer dressing, lace and lots of pastels, but nothing beats a good quality jacket that you can shove on over jeans and a white t-shirt and be done. Plus here in the UK it is usually an item that you’ll get your money’s worth from! Although as I am typing this with my hair in a topknot and fan on full-blast the only thing I really want to be wearing is a bikini (preferably sitting by a pool).

The bomber jacket is from a brand called Part Two which I saw in a local boutique shop and then found on House of Fraser. Part Two is a brand that I haven’t come across before, but if this jacket is anything to go by I think I should probably check out some of their other pieces. It’s a beautiful bottle green shade in an intricate quilted design, with a slight sheen to the fabric. It has gold hardware and a lovely floral lining that reminds me a bit of  Ted Baker. The jacket also feels heavy which I like to think indicates good quality. And on top of all that I got it for about a third of the original price in the House of Fraser sale!

I can’t see myself wearing this anytime soon with the weather at the moment. Although knowing UK weather it will probably feel like Winter as soon as we get to August! But I can’t wait to style this up with jeans and boots, or cropped trousers and trainers for Autumn. So watch this space!

Speak soon, xx


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