My Top 5 Holiday Essentials

I got back from my two week holiday to Greek islands Naxos and Paros a few days ago and am still trying to adjust to the fact that it is no longer appropriate to wear a bikini instead of underwear. But just in case anyone else is lucky enough to still have some Summer holidays planned I thought I would share my top 5 holiday essentials.

The Linen Shirt 
I remember reading somewhere that instead of a beach coverup Lucy Williams (ultimate style icon) wears a linen shirt. I am obsessed with how effortless yet chic this looks over a bikini or swimsuit. But I also found that a linen shirt looks great with a pair or shorts or more practically as an extra layer when it gets a bit colder in the evenings. I think I am going to have to say that this is the most essential of all my holiday essentials!

The Large Beach Bag 
I like to pack for the beach like I pack for everything, I overpack. I’ll take my camera, phone, hat, sunglasses, an array of different suncreams, a book, an extra bikini, a leat one change of clothes…you get the idea. In my opinion a beach bag should be large enough to fit a beach towel in and still allow plenty of room for all the other beach side essentials listed above.

Eyelash Curlers 
I packed a ridiculous amount of makeup for my holiday only to find that 95% of the time I wasn’t wearing any makeup. It was so hot that I would have just sweat it off, but really I just like swimming too much to be faffing with all that. Plus as soon as you get a bit of colour on your cheeks and cute freckles start to appear on your nose, who needs makeup anyway? The one think I did reach for though was my eyelash curlers just to open up my eyes and make it look as though I didn’t drink two glasses of wine the night before!

This holiday I absolutely fell in love with podcasts, and in particular The Food Medic podcast by Dr Hazel Wallace. Don’t get me wrong, I do still love books on holiday too, but trying to read in the sunshine is not always easy. Plus it’s nice to be able to put some headphones in and shut your eyes. I’m really into health and wellness podcasts at the moment so send me your recommendations!

Insect Repellent 
I learnt my lesson the hard way with this one, as every time that we went out and I forgot to apply my insect repellent I would get eaten alive. It doesn’t look great when you have build up a nice even tan, only to then be covered in red lumps and bumps. That’s not to mention how itchy and painful some of my bites were, which sometimes lead to awful nights sleep. Yes, applying insect repellent is a pain and stinks, but seriously just do it, and thank me later.

So there you have it, my top 5 holiday essentials and a real mix of style, beauty and life things. I’ve still got loads of pictures from holidays that I can’t wait to share with you, but I’m just unsure of the content that I want to go with them. But if you want to see holiday pictures now then head over to my Instagram at kpenney17 as I have been uploading while I’ve been away.

Speak soon, xx


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