London Fashion Week Festival

Yesterday I was lucky enough to go to London Fashion Week Festival with my mum. It has become a bit of a tradition for us to go whenever we can, as previously I would have been back at university in Manchester at this time. I had such an amazing day out, felt lovely in what I was wearing and even treated myself to a little something from one of the stalls. I have no idea how this post is going to turn out, maybe more like a diary entry, but I thought I would share it all with you.

Where better to start than with the most important meal of the day! Our time slot for LFW was 11am-4pm, but we didn’t really want to buy food inside the venue as it is usually pretty expensive and there aren’t very many options. Instead I took my mum to Grind in Covent Garden, somewhere I had also never been before but I had followed for ages on Instagram and was desperate to go! We both ordered a coffee and a cooked breakfast which was amazing and fairly reasonable. I would definitely recommend it, but if you are looking for something more instagramable then maybe try one of their other locations.

Such a lovely selection of clothes, accessories and homeware. I fell in love with a dress from Lily and Lionel (here), although restrained as I am still yet to start my new job! What was really great was there was a a huge variety of product and price points, meaning there was something for everyone and it was a great place to buy presents. Rosie Fortescue was there with her beautiful collection of jewellery and I was so impressed by what a brilliant sales woman she is. And I also caught a glimpse of Hugo Taylor and Millie Mackintosh! But on top of all that my favourite thing to do was just seeing what everyone else was wearing. Everyone looked so fashionable, whether they were wearing something really smart and tailored or edgy and cool!

Mum and I decided to skip the fashion show and instead go and see a talk. The talk I chose was from SheerLuxe and was a live viewing of their twice weekly show which I watch religiously on YouTube. It was so entertain, yet educational and everything I hoped it would be. There were some incredible affordable clothes featured from their High Street Edit that I have added to my Wishlist (mostly from & Other Stories). As well as a very interesting talk about all things beauty with the gorgeous Samantha Freedman. I even made some notes! Plus my mum, who had no idea about a lot of the people or fashion brands mentioned thought it was wonderful!

I had been waiting for the perfect occasion to wear my & Other Stories dress that I bought at the beginning of Summer as it is a more autumnal style. It was something I saw and loved, saved up for and then treated myself when I could, so it it really special and makes me feel amazing. I think I should try and buy more pieces this way. When you wait a bit you are sure that you really love something, rather than making an irrational decision.
I paired the dress with some beige studded ankle boots (a Chloe copy) which I bought from Office last year. They keep the dress elegant while being comfortable enough for me to spend a whole day in. Plus they were a nod to the cowboy boot trend, which is really big right now. I wore my emerald green bag for a subtle pop of colour and all of my favourite gold jewellery.

There was so many beautiful pieces that caught my eye, but I managed to stay sensible! I’ve already mentioned the dress from Lily and Lionel which I will link here. The fabric was stunning and the wrap style was really flattering, but the price was too high considering I don’t actually have an event to wear the dress to. I’ve saved it to my ever growing Pinterest Wishlist though so watch this space! What I did buy though was something that I was actually going to purchase anyway – how very sensible of me! This Summer I got my helix pierced, and though it is still healing at the moment I will eventually swap it for a gold hoop. I’ve had my eye on these ones from Astrid and Miyu (here) for a while as they are really small, but they have the beautiful diamante detail. I managed to get 10% off with London Fashion Week discount but you can received the same disount on your first order by signing up to their news letter.

Speak soon, xx



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