New Year, New Goals

I realise that we are already well into 2019 (already in February) but I thought it was about time that I returned to my little corner of the internet to update you on my life – it’s been a while!

So around the same time that I stopped posting on here I started my job, returning to ASOS as a Buyer’s Administrator and I moved out of my family home and in with my boyfriend. I love my job so much and the independence of not living at home, but it has been an adjustment. And I think it would be fair to say that other things in my life have taken a bit of a back seat, like this blog.

For a long time I felt so guilty about not posting, and then the more I thought about it the less I wanted to come back. It has been a good few months since I last posted, but I’ve chosen to move on and start again. It feels like the new year is the perfect time to do that. So I’m going to start with some things that I want to do more and less of in 2019.

I’m earning my first proper salary and I want to start putting money away every month into my savings account, rather than just whittling all my money away on food, clothes and after work drinks! I know my future self is going to thank me for this one.

I’m not doing Veganuary and I’m not even going vegetarian, but I am going to try and cut down my meat consumption to once or twice a week. I am going to start basing my meals around the vegetables and hopefully this is all going to make me feel much healthier.

Along side my blog, exercise is something that I have pushed to the back on my mind recently. My job role means that I spend a large amount of my day sitting and a desk meaning it is even more important that I do something a few times a week that gets my heart rate up. I’ve started running again and realised how much I love it. Even managed to drag my boyfriend Jack out of bed and on a Sunday morning run with me!

I can definitely hold my hands up and say that I don’t have anywhere near as many friends as I did in school, and I’m really okay with that. What I have got is friends that I love who make me happy as soon as I see them and leave me with a warm fuzzy feeling when we say goodbye. It’s genuine and real and that’s more that enough for me.

Following on from what I said above, I need to make more time for my real friends. It’s so easy to finish work and just get home, have dinner and watch some Netflix (especially in Winter!). I need to see more of the people that make me feel good, planning starts now…

I need to let go of social media and not spending hours scrolling through other people’s seemingly perfect life. I know that it’s not good for me, and for lack of a better world it makes me a jealous person. I want to look like someone else, to be where I’m not (half way around the world on a tropical beach) and I want to own materialistic items that I really don’t need or can’t afford. I am replacing scrolling through Instagram with…

Podcasts on my commute, books in the evening, cinema with friends at the weekend, and maybe even reading the news in my lunch break. These things make me feel knowledgable and inspired, plus they are great dinner party topics of conversation!

I actually really like this new method of resolutions. Rather than to say “I am going to completely give up chocolate forever” because we all know that won’t last more than about two days, it’s a lot kinder to myself to say “let’s do a bit more of this and a bit less of that”. I guess to summarise my resolutions it is just to be kinder to myself. If a bit of chocolate in the evening is going to make me happy I’m going to eat some chocolate without any guilt.


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