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I think that 2018 was the year I really got into podcasts and I haven’t turned back since. I have a long commute to work each day, but I struggle to read on the train without feeling sick, so podcasts have been a game changer. Plus, it’s nice to feel like you are learning something in the morning while being able to keep your eyes shut!

So I thought that I would share with you what I am listening to right now:

I couldn’t not start with this one. I’m obsessed! It’s just Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes having a chat about everything from what they are reading, popular culture, current affairs and everything in between. It’s factual but also funny so that when I am listening on my commute I frequently have to pause the podcast and control my laughter so I don’t appear crazy. I find it empowering and insightful and I could honestly listen to both of their voices forever.
Highlights: The in-jokes that they have and the book recommendations.

Happy place is a podcast where Fearne Cotton interviews all kinds of different people about their life and the things that bring happiness to it. It’s raw and honest and truly inspirational. There are a lot of household names that appear but it is really lovely to be able to understand these people on a much more personal level.
Highlights: Gok Wan and Davina McCalls episodes are brilliant.

I am very interested at the moment in all things health and wellness related, but with so much information out there it is such a minefield. This podcast is great as it is breaks down all the fads that we read about online and is so researched focus. Dr Rupy Aujla, also known as The Doctors Kitchen, interviews leading industry specialists about everything from stress to heart health to illnesses.
Highlights: simple steps to a healthier lifestyle and not completely out of reach.

Ultimate girl crush Jessie Ware and her brilliant mother invite celebrities over for dinner to talk about their life and all things food. It’s funny, casual and most of the time you feel as though you are sitting in a room with these people! Such a lovely thing to listen to on the way home from work.
Highlights: Food inspiration and Jessie’s mum!

Going back to my obsession with wellness, Liz Earl offers an amazing podcast covering everything from cancer to food and skin and hair health. She talks to a wide variety of different industry specialists, breaking down assumptions and getting straight to the facts. It’s insightful and interesting and perfect if you want to delve a little deeper into a particular area of knowledge.
Highlights: The level of depth they go into on each topic. She interviews people who really know their area of expertise and are still comfortable to say when they don’t know.

I could talk about Sheerluxe all day! Their website is the only thing that I want to catch up on during my lunch break and the podcast is just as good. It’s a general guided catch between a group of the girls that work at Sheerluxe meaning it’s natural and funny. There is a little bit of a cross over between the articles that they publish that week and the podcast, but it is still great to hear different view points.
Highlights: Like having a chat with your best girl friends!

Podcast by Dolly Alderton (also from The High Low) based on her book Everything I Know About Love, which I am currently reading. She interviews a wide range of different people, but mostly from creative fields, asking them about the loves of their life, from people to passions. It’s beautiful and such a well thought out podcast.
Highlights: Stanley Tucci’s episode was both moving and utterly brilliant in the way that he articulated himself. And having just read This Is Going To Hurt I loved listening to Adam Kay’s episode talking about his book and his love of the NHS.

I’ve been following Ella for a while but it’s great to see her branch out beyond food and health, to other topics life skincare, stress and building a brand. Sometimes it is just her and her husband chatting and other episodes are an interview.
Highlights: Building a Brand with Chrissy Rucker, founder of The White Company.

This is just one episode of this podcast but I had to mention it as it was absolutely brilliant. It was mentioned on The High Low so I downloaded it and had a listen. The episode is a three hour long interview with Johann Hari talking about drugs, depression and loneliness. It’s so interesting and draws on so many different real life stories. It sounds long but after I was searching on the podcast app for any other interviews with Johann Hari.
Highlights: Something completely different to what I would usually listen to but I found it fascinating.

So this is everything I am currently listening to. But just like book recommendations I am always on the look out for a new Podcast to get stuck into. So please let me know if you have any other Podcasts that you are loving at the moment.


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