A Breath of Fresh Air

I love a holiday as much as the next person. Nothing is better than switching on your out of office, leaving the work worries at work and just having some time to relax. This Summer I went on two holiday; Cornwall and the Lake District. So I thought I would tell you why sometime, there is nothing better than a UK holiday.

I find UK holidays so much less stressful, I think there is something about flying, having a limit on liquids and just making it to the airport on time that makes me a little anxious. For both our UK holidays this Summer we drove, giving us the flexibility to pack however we wanted to pack and leave when we were ready. Flying is exciting as it usually means getting away to somewhere hot, but a road trip with a great playlist and good car snacks can be just as fun!

Travelling by train is a bit of a different story as it then comes down to how much you are able to carry. But if you are travelling by car and you have enough space, you can almost pack as much as you want. This is particularly useful for a UK holiday as unpredictable weather means you’ll need a bikini one second and a coat and fleece the next.

I know guaranteed sun is usually the reason most people go abroad, but let me try and put a positive spin on this! In Cornwall, we had a real mixed bag of weather. We had a few boiling days on the beach where we all ended up going a little pink. And a few rainy days going on long walks and wondering around harbour towns. Both were lovely and some of the best memories. UK weather can be frustrating, in The Lakes in rained most of the time, but it didn’t stop us from having a great holiday.

The UK is beautiful. And if you haven’t been to Cornwall or The Lakes I can’t recommend it enough. There are some of the most incredible landscapes. In Cornwall I posted a picture of a beach we went to on one of the hottest days, and had all to ourselves; it looked like somewhere in Spain or a Greek Island. But where in Spain or a Greek Island are you going to find a huge beach all to yourselves.

So I hope this inspired you to maybe think about booking your next holiday somewhere in the UK. Next on my bucket list is Edinburgh. In fact, I’ve never actually been to Scotland! So watch this space…


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