More Belated Birthday Presents! So since my party a couple of nights I have receive a few more gifts for my birthday which was a few weeks ago. And I love everything that I got so I… View Post

Last Nights 18th Party  Wearing our new skirt from our Topshop personal shopping experience! Last night was mine and my best friends 18th birthday party with all of our friends from school. Last year we… View Post

Personal Shopping, Pizzas and Wicked  Some of the clothes that were picked out for us.  Not my usual sytle! Defo not our style! Can we please just take a moment to appriciate this skirt… Loving… View Post

What I Got For My 18th Birthday! I’ve seen a few of these going around on blogger and YouTube and personally I find them so interesting to watch. But like all these videos and blogposts… View Post

My 18th Birthday! Cute birthday breakfast with my family and Jack Sparklers on my birthday cake! Before dinner out My little sister chose this awesome glass for me Making my birthday wish! The nail polish… View Post