Eyebrows and contouring are the big makeup trends at the moment, yet for me seem to be as difficult to get right as the perfect winged eyeliner. To be honest though I prefer a more natural brow to a thick pointy arched one, and I would rather achieve a subtle contour with a bit of bronzer than the full Kim K chiseled cheekbones. … View Post

My first KIKO Product  It’s crazy that I am obsessed with beauty and makeup yet this is the first time that I have ever tried anything from KIKO! It’s a brand that I had heard… View Post

Zara Perfumes    I finally got around to purchasing some Zara perfumes after so many of my friends went on about how good they were. I’m a huge fan of Zara anyway, I love there… View Post

January Favourites      The fact that my monthly favourites appear to have a slight colour scheme makes me very happy! So the first month of 2016 is over and I have a few new… View Post