Sheer Chic Today I went up to London for the day with my boyfriend and our friend from school and spent the day in the sun wondering around Covent Garden and Borough Market. Covent Garden… View Post

Light and Breezy  Yesterday we did some more exploring and found yet another beautiful spot. I actually think that Kefalonia is just one beautiful spot after another. Again there wasn’t much of a beach here… View Post

Back To Basics I have spent most of today just packing for Kefalonia tomorrow. We are leaving in the early hours of the morning so I need to be completely ready by the time I… View Post

White and Lacy Feels like forever since I have had a full day off work! But I have made the most of it and done some shopping and lots of blogging. This post is just… View Post

Pretty Preppy  I wonder if I will ever get sick of wearing stripes?! Well I hope the answer is no as they make up about half of my wardrobe. Anyway, Today I wanted to show… View Post