Sunday Snaps  After a busy and sometimes stressful week I had a nice relaxing weekend. I woke up early on Saturday morning to go to the library and finish some work. And then after lunch… View Post

Winter Whites  Today was my day off yet it has gone so quickly I don’t really feel like I have made the most of it. I wondered around the shops for a bit looking for… View Post

Weekend Randoms  So I think first of all I need to talk about these incredible brownies! My best friend, who I haven’t seen in over three months came over yesterday and we ended up baking… View Post

September Sunshine  I think today was quite possibly the last day of Summer. Although it really was a beautiful day, blue sky, a warm breeze and the perfect beach day.  Mum and I spent the… View Post

Holiday Randoms  Thought that I would share with you some random pictures from my holiday so far. I have been blogging most days and I am constantly with my camera snapping away, not all of… View Post