As I’ve got a little older I am naturally shopping at Primark less, trying to move away from cheap fast-fashion and investing more in pieces that will last longer. Yet there are two categories that… View Post

September Sunshine  I think today was quite possibly the last day of Summer. Although it really was a beautiful day, blue sky, a warm breeze and the perfect beach day.  Mum and I spent the… View Post

Sheer Chic Today I went up to London for the day with my boyfriend and our friend from school and spent the day in the sun wondering around Covent Garden and Borough Market. Covent Garden… View Post

Summer Beauty Favourites I need to apologise for being a bad blogger, I haven’t done a monthly favourites since May! I usually do them right at the end of each month, but for the last… View Post

Saturday Sunshine  This is the first time in a long time that the weather has been amazing and I have actually had the day off work to enjoy it! And I think this is basically… View Post