As I’ve got a little older I am naturally shopping at Primark less, trying to move away from cheap fast-fashion and investing more in pieces that will last longer. Yet there are two categories that… View Post

I have been meaning to write this post for so long now! So while I am sitting here babysitting I thought I would stop watching a load of trash on TV and do something slightly… View Post

Happy Easter everyone! Thought I would quickly check in to wish you a lovely day and let you know that I am currently working on some new material for my blog. I had a lie… View Post

If I’m honest I haven’t really done very much sale shopping, particularly for someone who loves shopping as much as I do! December sort of bled me dry and I’ve got a few holidays planned… View Post

On Friday we¬†finally packed away all of the Christmas decorations and put them back in the loft for the next 11 months or so. I have to say the house looks nowhere near as pretty… View Post